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. >>> another win for mitt romney. just over five months out from the republican national convention, he racks up another large chunk of delegates. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. >>> good morning. i'm sarah simmons i'm will thomas. that was a big change from even 15 minutes ago where we couldn't see the cars. roads looked like runways. >> looking better but here what is is happening. the fog is on the move. it is actually just pushing up to the north and west. >> so we just got lucky with that shot. >> good news there but we are anot done with the fog quite yet. we'll get the sun out and mick up the atmosphere and then we'll get rid of the fog. visibilities all over the place. this you go. you can see that dense fog starting to lift off to the north and to the west. it looks like it is just west of 270 here now getting into virginia out toward leesburg. the darker colors indicating the reduced visibilities there. your yellow and oranges indicating some visibilities here about a quarter mile or less. out toward leesburg and reston. the fog is becoming thicker for you. here
tuesday. mitt romney can claim victory in six states including a crucial but close win in ohio. we will have a look at all the results its. >>> health officials dressed in biohazard suits collecting samples fry maryland moment after three member of the same family die from a respiratory illness. we'll have the latest on the investigation. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> straight up 6:00 right now. take a look at the gorgeous sunrise out there. we have had a couple of these. three days in a row it looks like right now. it is wednesday, march 7th. good morning. >> i'm will thomas. it is a big departure from the last couple of days. no snow flurries, no coats first thing in the morning. i think tucker you will find no one is complaining about it. >> they isn't be. >> maybe the polar bears over at the national zoo. it is going to be gorgeous. that is the word of the day, gorgeous. >> not talking about you two. >> oh, darn. i thought you were talking about us. >> i can't believe it. >> let me mention that later today, our temperatures will be in the 60s after overnight lows
if bale suffers from ptsd. >>> the latest from the campaign trail. mitt romney won puerto rico's primary over the weekend. he claimed victory with more than 50% of the vote. and now contenders are focus on illinois. romney's win in puerto rico means he winds all 20 delegates. with the win in puerto rico, romney has pulled further ahead in the delegate count. the associated press reports he has 521, rick santorum, 253. newt gingrich in third with 135. and ron paul with 50. >>> other top stories, police are on the hunt for a suspect involved in a deadly stabbing yet morning at that time library bar on 12th street. according to police, a man in his 30s was stabbed inside the nightclub. he later died at the hospital. the police chief is reviewing a request to issue a club closure while the investigation continues. >>> dc residents and city leaders are outraged after the violent attacks targeting gay and transgendered victims. friends are planning to march to raise awareness to what police are calling hate crimes two. gay men and a transgendered women were hurt. so far, police have not made a
two ever the candidates are on the ballot in virginia. >> ron paul and mitt romney were the only ones to get enough signatures last fall. let's get a live report now at the top of the six from melanie alnwick in great falls at a polling place. >> reporter: good morning, will. the polls are officially open here in great falls. we are here at the great falls library. but we have not seen our first voter come in yet to vote as you mentioned. there are only two candidates on the ballot here in virginia, mitt romney and ron paul. rick santorum and newt gingrich failed for qualify with virginiaance pretty strict -- failed to qualify with virginia and pretty strict rules about the ballot. the ballot. santorum once held the lead in the buck sigh state but romney was able to pull that closer in the last few days. gingrich is focusing on georgia. that state is delivering the most delegates today. it is gingrich's home state and he says it's must-win. ron paul is looking to the caucus states to try to pick up some delegates. virginia is an open primary state. you do not have to be a republican
. there is a lot at stake in today's contest. 54 delegates up for grabs. the latest numbers favor romney with the real clear politics average of polls giving him a more than eight-point lead over rick santorum. romney is focusing his attacks on president obama's economic policies. santorum meanwhile is going after romney. he says health care should be the focus of the campaign. while the gop contenders face off on president obama's home turf, he will be at the white house today meeting with the prime minister of ireland. >>> a look at the morning's other top stories now. it seems like i income taxes on marylanders will go up but just how many taxpayers will be affected? a state house committee has voted to raise taxes on far fewer people than a senate plan calls for. under the house proposal, tax rates would go up by a quarter percent on single filers making more than $100,000 and joint filers making more than $150,000 a year. to make up for the drop of revenue called for by the senate, the maryland house plan calls for phasing in a teacher pension shift in three years instead of four an
holing its primary on saturday after racking i'm win in illinois tuesday, mitt romney made a stop in maryland yesterday. he held a town hall meeting necessity american legion post 109 in arbutus. it came federal reserve off his -- fresh off his 12-point win in illinois. >> i moo cell phone rang and i looked at it and it just said jeb on it and i picked up the phone and it was jeb bush. he said i didn't even have to ask. he said mitt i want to let you know i'm endorsing you today. that was good news. >> romney is not spending as much money on ads in louisiana compared to other states, a sign that he does not expect to win on saturday. santorum by wait took alabama and mississippi in their recent primaries. >>> president obama is defending his energy policies on a two-day campaign trip. in oklahoma, the president is expected to announce plans to he can pedestrianite an oil pipeline from oklahoma to texas. this after delaying the larger keystone pipeline earlier this year. republican is are blaming the president for the recent spike in grass price saying his rejection of the pipeline
shows mitt romney leading with nearly 35% support. rick santorum comes in about w. about 29%. newt gingrich is in a distant third with about 14%. and ron paul trails with 11%. romney leads the race for delegates and he is touting this point but his competitors still insist it doesn't matter at this point. >> look, we've got a very substantial lead. rick santorum's campaign put a memo out i think today talking about how they can go to a brokered convention and think they can swing some delegates to go from committed to uncommitted to maybe supporting him. look, if we go all the way for a convention, we would be -- we would be signaling our doom in terms of rehe placing president obama. >> we are not going to win this elect because we are going to outspend president barack obama in the fall. so the person who has the most money, that doesn't mat enter a general election because he won't have the most money. you better have the person who has the best contrast. >> gingrich says he plans to stay in the race not nomination is announced in august but some have said he needs to win the so
of a frontrunner. >> mitt romney did win small contests in the pacific. he won caucuses in hawaii and american samoa last night. ast >>> we are following developing stories in switzerland this morning. a bus packed with students from belgium crashed in a tunnel killing 2 of the 52 people on board. we are told 22 of the dead are children. they were on their way home from a skiing vacation in the swiss alps. twenty-four students were rushed by helicopters and ambulances to the hospital and this morning we still don't know what caused that crash but all of the children the age of 12. >> very devastating news coming out of there. >>> defense secretary leon panetta in afghanistan this morning. he says the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 sieve ill yaps could face the death penalty. >> talk about pain at the pump. it just keeps getting worse. we continue to keep an eye on these rising gas prices. president obama's approval rating is taking a hit as the numbers continue to climb up, up, up. we are back in a moment. time now 6:07.  >>> u.s. defense secretary leon panetta is in afgha
from college students. doors open at 7:00. >>> mitt romney is trading accusations with the president of russia. romney said that rush yays the number one enemy of the united states. the russian spread responded saying romney needs to check his calendar reminding him the cold war is over. now, romney is hitting back saying russia prefers president obama and he is trying to cozy up to the kremlin. >>> up next, we'll show you the incredible before and after of what is being called the world's most extensive face transplant. >>> two local school systems say so-called pink slime will not be on the menu in their cafeterias. we'll have more on that in a moment. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ the middle class is shrinking. in this day and age you can only accomplish so much without a degree, and traditional institutions are simply
. mitt romney was second with more than 26%. newt gingrich was third. ron paul coming in fourth. romney still leads the race for the delegates with 568 to santorum's 273. >>> also making headlines this morning, former vice president dick cheney got a heart transplant over the weekend. we will have an update on his condition. >>> also ahead, pope benedict xvi begins a visit to cuba today. we're going to tell you why the visit is especially significant. fox 5 morning news will be back in a moment. time is 6:06. [ male announcer ] how canan power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >>> pope benedict xvi begins a three than high -- a three-day visit
are doing everything they can to knock down mitt romney. alabama and mississippi hold their contests tomorrow. gingrich skipped this weekend appear contest in kansas to concentrate on the run in the south. santorum claimed a dominating win in kansas but lost wyoming to mitt romney. santorum says if romney gets the nomination, it will not truly be what republicans want. >>> still ahead. >> you probably noticed if you you filled up over the weekend, grass prices keep going up. the gop contenders are not afraid to use that as campaign fodder. >>> one year after japan is devastated by an earthquake and tsunami, the nation comes together to mourn. we are back in a moment.  >>> people across japan are remembering the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated the nation one year ago sunday. a moment of silence was observed yesterday at 2:46 local time, exact time the magnitude nine quake struck. it killed more than 19,000 people. it leveled several cities and knocked out the vital cooling system at a nuclear power plant. >>> the state will begin to present its case today in the
comparing president obama and mitt romney. >> first, it was an on the job meltdown so terrifying. as you look at this video, you can see why in flight had to be diverted and the pilot at the center of it all is facing federal charges. back in a moment. time now is 6:06.  >>> the lawyer for the u.s. soldier accused of massacring afghan civilians says his client as suffering from depression. john henry brown says a traumatic incident in iraq triggered tremendous depression and anxiety in staff sergeant robert bales and he had symptoms of ptsd. bales was recently charged with 17 counts of murder. >>> a jetblue pilot now facing federal charges of interfering with a flight crew. this after a midair meltdown. this is new cell phone video of the chaotic scene on board flight 191 en route from new york to las vegas. you can really hear the chaos there. captain clayton osbun is sprinting through the cabin screaming about terrorists, jesus and september 11th. the cap tape was eventually detained by passengers an crew members as the copilot made an emergency landing in texas. >>> ate
a slight lead there. in all, 419 delegates are up no grabs tomorrow. so far, mr. romney has 203. virginia votes on super tuesday with polls opening at 6:00 a.m. only mitt romney and ron paul are on the virginia ballot. >>> also, making headlines this morning, vladimir putin getting a motional as he is re-elected in russia. >>> up next, more fallout facing rush limbaugh. the controversial host losing advertisers in the wake of some offensive, controversial comments in the birth control battle happening on capitol hill. fox 5 news this morning continues right after this.  ahah. so much better than last year. [ both screaming ] food out the window! throw the food out the window! [ roaring ] never again. everyone deserves a great vacation at a great price. get onboard a carnival cruise and get more fun for all. [ horn blares ] >>> vladimir putin is claiming victory from the presidential elections over the weekend. the constitution prevents him from serving back-to-back terms. last night, as you saw there in that video, he choked back some tears while addressing crowds outside the kremlin.
tomorrow's primary in louisiana. mitt romney's campaign is publicly complaining that rick santorum's presence in the race hurts the gop's ability to unite against president obama. santorum is leading romney in the polls in louisiana. >>> attorney general ken cuccinelli is running for governor in virginia. he filed paperwork with the state board of ed yesterday and formally established a campaign committee. the republican says he is running for governor to continue the work he has done as attorney general and as state senator and says that work includes strengthening the state appear economy and promoting smaller, more efficient government. >>> coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. what a new study says about coworkers who use lets sea a some colorful language. >> that is a nice -- let's say some colorful language. >> that is i nice sort of pc way to say it. >>> $1 could turn into $ 290 million for a luck you winner tonight or winners. the megamillions jackpot is closing in on $300 million. we're back in just a moment. a  >> it's our turn. >
: mitt romney gets a big endorsement
's campaign. he is hoping for a win in louisiana's primary scheduled for a week from tomorrow, but mitt romney leads the latest polls ahead of the big illinois primary set for next tuesday. >>> new details about the maryland man who spent two years in prison in cuba accused of spying. alan gross is making a personal appeal to the cuban president castro. he says his mother has been diagnosed with lung cancer. and his daughter is suffering from breast cancerrer. he is asking astro to allow him to come to the u.s. for two weeks as a humanitarian gesture. >>> and talks between the u.s. and uk of tapping oil reserves. what impact it could have on gas prices. >>> first, feels like we're skipping spring a little bit and going into summer right now. we will check in on if forecast. time now is 6:11.  >>> heavy damage was left behind by a tornado that hit south eastern michigan yesterday. no injuries or deaths have been reported from this. the touchdown was reported near ann arbor. the storm damaged more than a hundred homes and destroyed 13 of them. >>> but here at home, we got a summer p
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